Just I.C.E.

(Inspire, Coach, Encourage)

Don’t just perspire while on earth just to expire, inspire.

~ Mark Justice



You are amazing. So Amazing. I could feel the energy and chemistry. It was real.
You have star potential.

~ Tara Reid (Actress)

To say Mark Justice is one of the most talented, hardest working
and most prepared Actors I have ever worked with would be an
understatement. From the very first time I’ve worked with him,
he has gone above an beyond, not only on set, but in creating the
part he was given, and always striving to perfect his craft. I truly
see wonderful and amazing things for this man in the future!

~ Brian Brown (Photographer/Director)

I would love to work with you again,
anytime. You stay locked in, and make my
job so much easier. You’re great.

~ Robert LaSardo (Actor)


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